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Suitable for Suitable for Mercedes benz car all model Front grille emblem.

Please measure your car badge size, as long as the size is 18.5cm/20.5cm, it can be used (don't care about the model)

E series/GLk series/A series/B series/C series/GL series/CLA series/R series/GLA series/SLK series/V series/GLB series/CLS series,and other model.

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After receiving your order, we will ship it within two days, and it will arrive in about 7-12 days.Free shipping all worldwide.Have Warranty.

High -quality ABS material,strong and durable, long service life.

Waterproof design.

Simple installation, Buckle design,directly replace your original emblem.

With fuse, make your car line safer.

【Size】:Diameter 18.5cm, 20.5cm.

【Shell Color】: Silver,Black.

【Led Color】:white,blue,red.

【Power Supply】DC12V+/-10%

【Wiring length】 0.6 meters

【Material】ABS plastic + electroplating + LED integrated light board

【installation method】

1. Replace it with the original car logo directly.

2. It comes with two lines of 0.6m: red line and black line.

3. The red line can be connected to the positive pole of the car's 12v battery, and it can also be connected to the low beam, high beam, daytime running lights, fog lights, width lights, brake lights; it can also be directly connected to the 12v ACC line.

4. The black wire is connected to any iron piece or the negative electrode of the battery.

You can operate it yourself, or you can find any car decoration or auto repair shop to easily install it for you.

5、If you install the app on your mobile phone, you can choose the color of the badge to glow.


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