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After receiving your order, we will ship it within two days, and it will arrive in about 7-12 days.Free shipping all worldwide.Have Warranty.

Material: Acrylic+LED+Lithium battery.

Luminous colors: red, blue, green, white, purple, cyan, yellow.

Charging method: USB interface.

Switch mode: Magnetic induction switch, automatically open when opening the door, and automatically close when closing the door.

Size: Front door: 550*45MM Back door: 250*45MM.

1. Built-in lithium battery, energy-saving Led, USB socket charging, it can be fully charged in 1-2 hours, and it can be used for about 2-3 months.

2. The pedal is designed with magnets, no wires are needed, and it is directly attached to the threshold, which is convenient for disassembly and charging.

3. The color of the light is automatically breathing gradient, and it can also be adjusted to a single color, and the button can be adjusted.

4. The light source is mild, does not irritate the eyes, and is very comfortable.

5. Intelligently identify daytime light and dark light, and exert the greatest effect in the dark light environment.

6. Before ordering, you must determine the size of your own car door sill, and there is enough area to place it.

7. Instructions for use: After receiving the product, after charging for 20 minutes, then long press the switch button to turn on the light in the dark light; long press the button to turn on and off; when the light is turned on, press the switch key once, it will switch to one. lighting modes.

8. Packaging: 4pcs (2 front doors + 2 rear doors) + USB cable + button needle

9. If you have any quality problems or use problems, please contact us, we will solve it perfectly for you.

Two  Payment methods:

Method 1. Place an order on the website and pay for it with Paypal (the process is cumbersome).

Method 2. The easiest way is to use paypal / western union/ TT to transfer money directly. Fill in: car brand model+year. 

My PayPal account is:

After payment and providing the following receipt information, I will arrange the shipment for you and provide you with the tracking number, and tracking link,You can track cargo transportation yourself.




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