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Our shock absorber is a magnetorheological shock absorber (MRD), which is based on the non-Newtonian fluid characteristics of its core material-magnetorheological fluid (MRF). The vehicle operating data is collected through the corresponding sensor of the body and converted by the controller. The output of the current signal causes the magnetic field of the electromagnetic coil to change, thereby changing the internal molecular sequence of the magnetorheological fluid to adjust the damping force of the shock absorber in real time.

The response time of the magnetorheological shock absorber can reach the millisecond level. It has the advantages of fast response and real-time adjustment. It realizes the compatibility of safety, control stability and comfort of the vehicle operation. At the same time, the magnetorheological shock absorber has the advantages of fast The excellent characteristics of response, high durability, high adjustment, low hysteresis, low resistance, low friction, and low temperature sensitivity can perfectly match the changing factors of different driving habits and different road conditions to achieve the best expression of vehicle performance.

Our Shock Absorber can be adapted to the following car models:

For Cadillac Escalade 2015-2020

For Cadillac Escalade ESV 2015-2019

For Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2014-2019

For Chevrolet Suburban 2015-2019

For Chevrolet Tahoe 2015-2020

For GMC Sierra 1500 2014-2019

For GMC Yukon 2015-2020

For GMC Yukon XL 2015-2019

Note: Compatability is just for reference,please confirm your OEM number.

OEM Number

580-1032 580-1108 84176631 23151123 23312167 23464589 84061228 75-22345 75-877692B 17522345-101 17522345-102 17522345-103 17522345-104 23151115 23151116 23151117 23151118 23151119 23151120 23151121 23312152

23312153 23312155 23312156 23312158 22283444 22300918 23464582 23464583 23464585 23464586 23464587 23464588

These are OEM shocks absorber that can perfectly replace the original.

Our products are OEM products and the quality is consistent with original shock absorbers. We provide 1 year product protection.

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